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15 October 2008

Third US presidential debate tonight

OK it's not university debating, and some people may say its not debating at all, but possibly the most watched "debates" around the world are the debates that occur every 4 years between the candidates for the US presidency.

The third and final "debate" in the US presidential election takes place tonight at Hofstra University. It will focus on domestic and economic policy. The candidates will be seated at a table rather than standing at a podium. The debate will be made up of nine, nine-minute segments where each candidate will speak for two minutes to speak and then they will "debate" for five minutes.

The Moderator is Bob Schieffer.

Some useful sites for more background on US presidential debate


  1. Anonymous3:42 am

    This country needs the fresh start that Obama propose, we can not come from under the mess that the Republicans time after time keep putting this country under. For eight years the whole United States has suffer under Bush, let's move forward. Change is Now, Right Now.

  2. I write these words tonight as an Indepent voter. The reason why McCain has lost every debate, including the one tonight, is very simple. Their whole campaign has been run on nothing of substance. No facts, just speculation. The same thing the republican party did in 2000 and in 04. Their party tries to appeal to the darkest part of some Americans who don't like gays, Blacks or Jews etc., and try to DISTRACT them from the issues with B.S. McCain is loosing because the people that back him pushed him as a BUSH REPUBLICAN! He associated himself with the worst president in the history of the free world. What intelligent person would do that? Would you sell away your values to be President? Is that someone you can trust or does that sound like Bush? Barack is winning because he comes across and you can feel coming through the screen that he is genuine, and not spurious like McCain. He is real and doesn't try that hard to make himself into something that he isn't. This is not about politics and camera tricks. This is not about I'm a crip and he's a blood. I'm a democrat and he's a republican. For eight years, people, for eight years there have been no checks and balances, and we see now the manifestations of that. Republicans have and always will support big business and corporate interest, hoping that some way the money trickles down. When democrats are in, EVERYBODY EATS, not just an elite few. This has nothing to do with Black or White, but everything to do with right and wrong. Stop paying attention to the B.S. and only to the facts. We need change! Remember what has happened to our country these last eight years! We are no longer the greatest country in the world or most powerful. If you're an American black, white, green, then you should have a problem that are healtcare, education, energy, housing, technology, bridges rank amongest the worst in the world! If we are that, than we have the power and the means to do it, and this is what Barack Obama wants to do. Lets think about the future of America in terms of growth. Bigger, bolder, faster. We should be leading the world in inovation, but we are behind. We need a president who understands that,and wants to do something about it. No more silver spoon babies running the country, why else do you think that McCain can't even muster the words "Middle Class." We need someone who has been through, and understands the struggle of obtaining the American Dream. Go Obama!!!!

  3. is also a good site for debate analysis. It features reviews by experienced BP judges, including the author of the Worlds debate rules.

    On the debates, I think it was an interesting contrast of style and approach. I much prefer Obama's calm and assurance, though it would be nice to see him get angry now and then - or at least as intense as he was during his DNC acceptance speech. That would take it up a notch I think. McCain looks - and I bet feels - like an angry granpa.


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