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4 October 2008


From Britishdebate

Hello all,
It gives me great pleasure to announce Istanbul YEDITEPE OPEN 2008 Second Edition.(We did the first one in June)

It will take place in 28-29-30 November.

This is the last big chance before Cork Worlds to improve your debating skills.You will also get the opportunity to join the trainings and seminars which will be given by our experienced judges.
Just watch our video to hear the comments on what we did before:

THE ADJUDICATON: Great feedback and fairly balanced judges are the most important things for a good debate tournament. Therefore, we are going to subsidize 10 extraordinary judges from Europe to increase the quality of debating as we did before. The Team:
CA: Lewis Lu Current World Champion
DCA: Anat Gelber Best ESL speaker at WUDC 2006, EUDC 2007 DCA
DCA: Ozan Mert Ondes WUDC ESL Semi Finalist, Kyiv open winner
DCA: Jo Box Cambridge Debate Director
DCA: Alex Deane, World Champion 2004, WUDC DCA 2007

Yeditepe University Student Hotel
Yeditepe University has modern and furnished rooms in the residence halls for International students. All rooms are double occupancy, equipped with a private bath and wired for telephone and internet connection. In-house facilities include snack bars, study/social areas, and visitor salons.

We are proud with our Socials:Cultural Shows,DJ Parties,Bosphorus Cruises,Concerts with Free Alcohol.Just watch our video:)

Reg Fee:
75 Euros for 4 days accomadation-food-socials and trainings.

Web Site:
Because of a technical problem some infos are still the same as in June Tournament.(CA team and Schedule)The others are in use. Registration is open.

Facebook Group:

First Round starts at 16:00 o'clock on Friday and Final finishes at 20:00 o'clock on Sunday.

Yavuz Yigit
Yeditpe University
Debate Club
External Coordinator

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