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5 September 2008

Debating at Oxford

This e-mail contains information for anyone who is going to be starting as a student at Oxford this coming October who is interested in debating. Debating at Oxford is done by the Oxford Union, which offers a huge range of opportunities for students to debate. Competitive debating at the Union is run by the Debates Selection Committee (DSC).

All of our communication is done through our Debate-Announce mailing list. Please sign up to this in order to receive information about the opportunities to debate for the Union. You can do this by sending an e-mail to debate-announce-subscribe[AT]maillist[DOT]ox[DOT]ac[DOT]uk

Please do this very soon, as there will be some opportunities for debating, such as the UCL President's Cup (a competition just for those who are starting at University) which take place at the end of Freshers' Week, and so being signed up the this list early is the only way to make sure you know about all of these opportunities.

I look forward to meeting many of you when you arrive next term.
Enjoy the last month of summer!
Lewis Turner
Debates Selection Committee,
Oxford Union

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