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13 August 2008

Row at CEDA Qtr Final

I've picked this story up on a number of feeds this morning.  After thinking about it for a while I decided to post it because it is out there on the news wires, and concerns events at a debating competition so I decided to post links to the story, the video and a discussion on the CEDA board which gives more details.

MSNBC, and their affiliates, are running a story about a row between two university CEDA coaches during the CEDA Quarterfinal between Fort Hays and Towson CL.

You can find the video here

I don't know any of the individuals involved. It starts between Shanera Reid of UPitt and Bill Shanahan of Fort Hays State U but then rapidly expands. For more background there is a discussion on the CEDA message board.

I have had feedback that there is two sides to the story.  I'm sure there is.  I certainly don't think people should make up their minds just on the MSNBC story.  That's why you should check out the discussion on the CEDA board (or elsewhere).  Shanahan lost the plot here and some of his actions were unacceptable but I hear from people whose opinion I respect that he is a good educator if overly passionate about what he does.


  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    Got to love CEDA. The judges actually split on whether an irrelevant aff argument that the neg team was racist was still standing because neg rightfully ignored the shameful tactic.


    "No one has
    a comment on the acceptability of a bottle of scotch sitting on the
    CEDA final round judge's table?"

    Wow - sounds like all this stuff I've heard down the years about CEDA/NDT being no fun was rubbish - at least for the judges. I've been judging the wrong format all these years...


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