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3 June 2008

Teach Debate and Business at Chung Ang University, Seoul!


This is not tournament related but definitely debate related.

For the past year and a half I have been teaching debate and communication related subjects at the College of Business in Chung Ang University (CAU), Seoul, Korea. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm overjoyed to be able to invite more people to share it.

Debate is now compulsory course for all freshmen at the College of Business at CAU. Debate is also taught as part of other courses, used to teach other subjects and is being offered as general university wide course next semester. There is a lot of support for debate in this school, and if you are someone who enjoys teaching debate irregardless of the backgrounds, skills and language proficiency of your students, this job is a dream.

If you are interested in teaching debate, have a business background and would like to live in Korea for a couple of years, please email me. There are more details in the document I attached, but here is some brief information:
- no Korean is required for teaching, all courses you teach will be in English
- the English proficiency of the students is generally poor. Debate is used as a platform to practice English and develop all other skills associated with debate. However, you are not an English teacher.
- pay is good. Housing subsidies and health insurance included.
- you don't have to fly in for an interview. This can be done by phone.
- the university is in central Seoul
- Seoul is one of the safest places I know. The social life here is also very, very vibrant.

The deadline for application is very close (in 7 days). If you are interested, whip up a quick resume and email it to me. Feel free to email if you have any questions about the job or life in Seoul.

Thanks for your time,


Source: WUDC mailing list

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