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3 June 2008

Tabbie Developers Wanted

Tabbie, the World's Tab program is looking for developers. Tabbie is Debating Tabbing Software that is being used in the Worlds (WUDC) and many other tournaments. It was used in Singapore (2004), Vancouver (2007) and Bangkok (2008). It will be used at the Tallinn Euros and Cork 2009.

Tabbie is Open Source. This means anyone can download it for free edit the sourcecode for their own purpose, or help out in its development. We're currently looking for people. This may include the project maintainer.

If you know how, you've already thought about making, or made, your own Tab program. Consider the benefits of joining the Tabbie project instead:

* Many customers, including Worlds. 750 downloads past year. You'll get feedback, thanks and respect.
* Joint effort, other developers to talk to.
* Here to stay, since 2004. Your efforts won't be in vain.
* Most of the work is done, pick anything that you need or that's fun to do and do that.

There's an additional benifit for people other then you:
* Transparancy. A fair tournament reveals how it's pairing up it teams. It would be nice if
Tabbie is the only program around that provides this option.

Yes, I know you think you're smarter than any of us and would much rather start off with a clean sheet. So did all the others whose programs were tossed out when they left the uni. So... consider.

We currently have (as for features):
* The world's best draw algorithm (uncontested for a year now, )
* The worlds most fancy adjudicator allocation (though hard to comprehend for non-techies).

Open work
* User interface.
* Easier packaging (it's a webserver)
* Extending to non worlds-style debates
* Extending to non-worlds rules draws and allocations.
* Further discussion on the pros and cons of various power pairing techniques from a more mathematical perspective.
* Anything you deem useful

Contact Klaas ( for more info on joining. See also

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