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9 June 2008

Israeli National Championships results

The Israeli National Debate Championship took place at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a 2 days event that joined together all the Israeli Debating Societies.

Era Segev and Lior Hadas (IDC Herzliya)

Yoni Cohen and Linor Deutsch (Tel-Aviv University)
Raanan Eichler and Haran Pilpel (Hebrew University)
Leor Sapir and Lihi Yona (University of Haifa)

Best Speaker:
Yoni Cohen (Tel-Aviv University)

A special award was presented to Mr. Uri Zakai for his great contribution to the development of The Israeli Debating League for the past 10 years.

1. thw send over-weight children to weight watching groups
2. thw return fire to its sources, even at the cost of harming citizens
3. thw introduce progressive inheritance tax
4. thbt its legitimate to publish the sexual orientation of public figures
5. thw oblige doctors to inform parents before performing an abortion on a minor
6. thw force Haredic jewish people to change their way of living

Semi-Final: thbt drunk driving is equivalent of attempted murder
Final: thw not interrogate an active prime minister

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