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11 June 2008

ICRC Law Debate 2008 - Results

ICRC International Humanitarian Law Debate 2008 - Results

The ICRC International Humanitarian Law Debate was held from the 2nd to the 5th of June at University Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam with the support of the ICRC. 16 teams from 9 institutions debated over 4 preliminary rounds and the breaking rounds to determing the champion of the ICRC IHL Debate 2008.

The adjudication core consisted of DCAs :Yunus (H&G), Rebecca (UM), Baby G (MMU) and CA: Prasad (IMU).

The full results of the tournament are as follows. Congratulations! :)

Champions: NUS (Wee Jian, Vignesk Ashok, Alex)
Runners Up: UT MARA 1 (Shila, Tariq, Aina)
Third Placing: UT MARA 4 (Aerie, Izzie, Wani)
Fourth Placing: UTMARA Borneo (Jack, Stifler, Shafiq)

Overall Best Speaker: Twinkles (MMU)
Finals Best Speaker: Wee Jian Ang (NUS)

Breaking Teams:
MMUM1 – 4 wins
NUS – 3 wins
UT MARA 4 – 3 wins
MMUM 2 – 3 wins
UT MARA 1 – 3 wins
MMU – 2 wins
UT MARA 2 – 2 wins
UT MARA Borneo – 2 wins

Top 10 Speakers for the Tournament:
1. Twinkles (MMU)
2. Vignesh Ashok (NUS)
3. Tariq (UTMARA 1)
4. Paei (UTMARA 2)
4. Izzie (UTMARA 4)
4. Wani (UTMARA 4)
5. Bubu (MMU)
5. Wee Jian Ang (NUS)
6. Aina (UTMARA 1)
6. Siew (MMUM 1)
*Speakers with the same rank on the list are tied for that rank

The motions:
Round 1: Intervention
THBT the UN's responsibility to protect is more important than its respect to national sovereignity
THBT constructive engagement works better than military intervention
THBT invasion into other sovereign countries is justified only in the name of counter-terrorism

Round 2: Nukes
THBT all nations have the right to possess nuclear weapons
THBT only democratic states have the right to civilian nuclear energy
THBT South Korea should provide unconditional aid to North Korea

Round 3: Negotiating with terrorists
THBT Israel should include Hamas in its dealing with Palestine.
THW not recognize Hezbollah as the rulers of Lebanon.
THW not negotioate with violent separatist movements.

Round : Food Security
THBT the World Bank and other bilateral donors should tie developmental aid to investment in agriculture.
THW curb the production of biofuels to address the growing food crisis.
THBT the EU should not bow to the pressures of WTO in reducing agricuktural subsidies.

Quarter Finals: Cluster Munitions Treaty
THBT the greatest impact of the ban on cluster munitions is not in protecting civilians but in hampering the military capability.
THBT the "Big Players" persistence on the option of using cluster munitions is a threat to collective security.
THW criminalize countries that cooperate with other nations using cluster munitions.

Semi Finals: Responsibility
THW force countries to make contributions to relief funds proportional to their GDPs
THW hold states responsible for collateral damage
THW allow America soldiers to not respond to the call of war

Third Placing: Justice - 3rd
THBT perpetrators of crimes against humanity should only be tried in international courts or tribunals, not local courts
THBT the ICC is ineffective in delivering justice to victims of crimes against humanity
THBT TRCs are a sufficient form of recourse afforded to victims of crimes against humanity

Grand Finals: The Geneva Conventions
THBT the Geneva Conventions have no place in modern warfare
THW include terrorists as combatants under the Geneva Conventions
THBT rendition has no place in a democratic world.

The full tabs are available on the YahooGroup.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank UT MARA and the ICRC for their support, the teams for their participation and all those who came by to help adjudicate the rounds. We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Prasad (IMU)

Source allasian list

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