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23 June 2008

Fancy An Argument? is a new and growing free Debating website which allows members to participate in interactive timed 20 minute Arguments on a subject of their choice.

Once the 20 minutes are up other members can critique and rate the argument and contributors. The better the argument the more points each member receives.
Each Argument is indexed by Google (as well as other search engines) so it reaches a world wide audience. We have had a tremendous response from visitors who have enjoyed just reading the Arguments.

We have been building up our user base over the last few months and we would like to get University debating teams involved. We believe your debating society will really enjoying participating in Fancy An Argument. Perhaps you have new ideas which will make the site better. For example - the ability to set up inter university debating teams. We would be more that happy to accommodate this.

Why not get a few members of your debating society to signup and try out a live argument. As there is a time constraint you well see how exciting the challenge can be.

If you believe our site will be of value to your members perhaps you could put a link from your site to ours and of course we would be delighted to reciprocate by linking our site back to yours.
Please feel free to review our site and contact us if you require any further details.

The FAA Team

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