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25 June 2008

EUDC 2009 Break

From Derek Lande via e-mail:

This is the Euros break as I have just heard it in the abandoned factory they are announcing at in Tallinn. If I have gaps apologies, I'll try to get them filled soon.

ESL Break
1. Leiden A
2. Bonaparte A
3. Tilbury A
4. Bonaparte C
5. BBU A
6. Haifa B
7. Tel Aviv A
8. Koc A
9. Berlin B
10. Warwick A
11. Hertie A
12. Bonaparte B
13. Metu A
14. Tilbury C
15. Tilbury D
16. IDC A

Main Break
1. Oxford A
2. Oxford B
3. Manchester A
4. Leiden A
5. UCC Phil A
6. UCD Law A
7. Cambridge B
8. Oxford C
9. UCD LnH A
10. ULU B
11. Oxford D
12. Kings A
13. Helsinki A
14. UCD Law B
15. UCC Law A
16. TCD Phil B

Judges Break
Adrian Andringa
Alex Ward
Alistair Cormac
Anat Gelber
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Hume
Anthony Murphy
Ashleigh Lamming
Bob Nimmo
Coletta Smith
Connie Grieve
Dan Colley
Daniel P McCarthy
Daniel Shut
Daniel Warrants
David Middlemass
David Whelan
Derek Doyle
Derek Lande
Diarmuid Early
Eoin Kilkenny
Erin O'Brien
Ewan McDonald
Felicity Cooke
Giles Robertson
Greg O'Neill
Isabel Loewe
Jenni Harrison
Jens Fischer
Kirsty Russel
--- missed a few
Neil Dewar
Neil Harvey Smith
Olga Polumina
Ozgun Dundar
Sam Block
Samir Deger Sen
Stewart Anderson

Reserve Judges
Ed Mason (Durham)
Ali Black?
Elizabeth O'Brien
James Soleym
Joe McCaffrey
Rita Bulusu
Stephen Whelan

A quick thank you to Derek Lande who emailed the break into the site. He has quickly delivered a number of break announcements and final results from various championships over the years and I owe him a few drinks next time I see him.


  1. Congrats to all!

  2. congrats to all debate teams


    and ozgen :D

    Tufan Aşık SDU from TURKEY

  3. Congrats to all!

    Out of curiosity, with Leiden A breaking twice, will they just compete in the main break and will the ESL team which came 17th bee bumped up?

  4. Leiden can compete in both the main competition and the ESL if they wish. There is always a bitter argument around the whole concept of what level do you have to be at to be still considered ESL. I'm sure Leiden would argue that they are genuinely at a disadvantage debating in English and still have managed to achieve great things while the ESL team in 17th might argue otherwise. There is no easy solution.


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