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10 May 2008

WDU Masters Tournament

The Wits Debating Union will be hosting the first WDU Masters Tournament, a tournament put together specifically for hacks who have moved out of competitive debating, in June 2008. This is the first event of it's kind in South Africa. Basically, WDU realised there were a great many hacks in and around Joburg and decided to host a weekend of debating, socialising and (of course) yakka to get old friends and rivals back together

The tournament will be held on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of June, at Wits. We're looking at three rounds on Saturday 21st, followed by a break to quarters, semis and finals on Sunday 22nd. For those in town on that night we'll do welcome drinks on Friday, followed by a break party on Saturday night and a closing function of some kind on Sunday. To facilitate it all we'll charge a fee of R150 (excluding accomodation, catering, etc.).

Considering that we're looking at debaters spanning over a decade, we're going to have to make some fairly arbitrary choices regarding some of the technical aspects of the actual debating. We also have no method for (nor particular interest in) sorting through generations of adjudicators for the most ultimate super-hack "I-once-gave-God-a-62" adjudicator to be CA (apologies if this happens to actually be you). For this reason, and because we like it best this way, we plan to be fairly relaxed about running this tournament – the main idea is to get some good debates going and enjoy getting back into it.

Any interested South African hacks should contact either of us (email


Joe Roussos and Phil Williams

Wits Debating Union

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