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27 May 2008

Bangladesh to bid for 2012 WUDC

From Allasians list

Dear all,
This is to inform you all, about Bangladesh Intention for World Universities Debating Championship WUDC 2012 bid. We are gating a very good response from our sponsors three and half years ahead for this bid. We will justify our case in this year WUDC 2009 with primary research and bid proposal and later on, we will present our bid at WUDC 2010. The Bangladesh WUDC 2012 Bid Orgcom will upload its bid website after hosting Bangladesh EWU Asian Universities Debating Championship-AUDC 2009 in May 2009.
We have already started our work on this WUDC 2012 bid. We will be promoting South Asia and its debating culture being the first bid for World Universities Debating Championship from this region.
As many of you already know that, East West University of Bangladesh has won the Bid for 5th Asian Universities Debating Championship-AUDC 2009 and we are working with our AUDC sponsors on this WUDC 2012 project from now on to ensure our First Class hospitality and Top quality adjudication. We will also ensure our strength by a Top Class Asian Debating tournament which probably will be the biggest and most exiting AUDC ever.
Adjudication Core:
The open application for DCA will be opened from January 2009. We will announce the half of the Core by May 2009 and rest during the Worlds 2010.
Updates on Bangladesh WUDC 2012 bid will be followed…….

Rashedul Hasan Stalin
Chief Adjudicator,
EWU 5th Asian Universities Debating Championship 2009
Chair, Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC
Email: stalinhasan[at]gmail[dot]com
Cell: +88-01715495119


  1. Anonymous6:55 am

    Stalin as Chief Adjudicator of Worlds? We all know he is supremely confident in his own ability as the best adjudicator in Bangladesh if not Asia but has he ever broken at a competition he wasn't organising.

  2. Anonymous10:29 am

    Bangladesh reject the Asian Unity bid so they can host AUDC 2009. We will not forget when it comes to vote on Bangladesh WUDC bid.

  3. I'm all for free speech (except on the rare comments that could get me sued) but if you are going to attack tbe Bangladesh bid please don't post under anonymous.

    You are free to have the discussion but at least let them know who they are talking to. I noticed the same thing with posts on Australs and Asian Unity.


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