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20 May 2008

AUDC hosts for 2009 and 2010 decided

East West University of Bangladesh have won the the bid to host AUDC 2009 in South Asia for the 1st time.

College of Saint Banilde also won the bid to host AUDC 2010. CSB's bid will be confirmed in the next union meeting in Bangladesh if the union is satisfied with the progress of their work.

Source: allasians list


  1. Anonymous4:13 am

    That would seem to be the end of Asian Unity for now then. I can't say I blame the splitters. It doesn't take a genius to notice most of the reputable people went with the new tournament.

  2. Anonymous4:04 am

    What split? It's like having 2 tournaments with different rules. Like having the English Premier League and the FA Cup. Of course, one is better than the other...


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