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7 May 2008

Amsterdam Open results

Hello dearest debaters,

The second edition of the Amsterdam Open has taken place. We had a lovely team winning: Can Okar and Aneurin Brewer, and an even lovelier best speaker, Jess Harvey-Smith (who also deftly captured the Best Speaker of the Final Prize awarded by the University of Maastricht).

Best ESL Team were Simone van Elk and Leela Koenig, best ESL speaker was Leela Koenig.

Congratulations to all!

As part of our attempt to become one of the leading tournaments of Europe, we also engage in detailed quality monitoring. That's why we have analyzed the results to look whether there were some major biases. As it turns out, there were two rounds which were pretty op-biased. The results, and the explanation, can be found here:

Daniƫl Schut

Source EUDC Mailing list

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