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1 April 2008

What happened at EUDC registration?

From EUDC group

Dear all,
We would like to shortly inform you of how today's registration process went and prevent justified questions that may arise when looking at the list of registered teams.

Today at 12:00 GMT Phase 2 of registration was opened. The team cap was filled, that is 61 teams were registered, in only 6 minutes! All institutions that registered after this were put in a waiting list. The waiting list is open until the end of the week, to get in the list you simply need to register yourself using the same reg form. There will be several teams deleted due to accidental double registration and there may be cancellations also later, so it is definitely worth to put yourself in the waiting list!

It happened that some teams registered themselves twice of even three times during Phase 2. This is an anomaly that we are going toliquidate by going through the list of registrants and cancelling all such excessive registrations. We will certainly keep to our promise that only 1 team per institution could be additionally registered. Only the first institution team registered in Phase 2 will remain in the list. To make it very clear, this of course does NOT concern teams registered in Phase 1, whose status has already been Confirmed or waiting to be confirmed shortly.

Please don't pay the invoices just yet! We will make another notice about which teams are registered and which registrations are cancelled today or tomorrow. As earlier, questions about payments should be addressed to and general questions to

EUDC 2008 team


  1. Anonymous9:50 pm

    They are making this extremely complicated. It seems every stage has 5 updates 3 of which are explaining what went wrong. They will never get Worlds if they make such a mess of Europeans at the rego phase.

  2. EUDC 2008 team9:00 am

    It's interesting you should say that.

    We hope that giving out information promptly would de-complicate matters instead... We also think that our judgment is correct, since after Phase 2 we have not been receiving tons of disappointed e-mails asking.

    In theory it is of course possible to have 300 teams register for 160 team places in a matter of minutes without anything going wrong, but as long as this kind of perfection has not been achieved, we believe that admitting and explaining what went wrong is the best way to react. So we'll just continue what we've been doing.

    Thanks for the pointer though!
    EUDC 2008 team

  3. Just to clarify that the first comment was not from me. I don't censor comments unless in the rare event that they are libellous.

    As I won't be at Euros I don't know what people are experiencing on registration but I think communication is a good thing.


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