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3 April 2008

AUDC adjudication reminder

Everyone, reminder that tomorrow (4th April) is the last day to apply for the adj subsidy/waiver for AUDC 2008.

Minimum criteria are as below:

1) He/she must have been a CA/DCA of AUDC, Asians, Worlds,Australs or any major local national tournament


2) Was an adjudicator who has:
(a) judged at the semis of AUDC/Asians OR
(b) broken at Australs/Worlds OR
(c) recognized more than once as one of the top 10adjudicators at AUDC, Australs, Worlds or any major local nationaltournament


3) Debaters who have:
(a) major local/international adjudication experience AND
(b) has made it to the finals of AUDC/Asians OR has made it to the main break of Australs/Worlds

All you need to do to apply is email your adjudication/debating CV to anyone of the following officers:
Estelle (President) -
Mark (Vice) -
Mohd Sani (Adj Officer) -
It will also be useful if you could also clarify how you meet the minimum criteria

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