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20 April 2008

All Asians update

Dear All,
We, the OrgCom of NSU All Asians draw your attention to some important issues.

1. We have already forwarded the Names and the Passport Numbers of the participants who have already mailed us, to ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh’ so that your Visa process gets easier. Participants, who haven’t sent their names and passport numbers, please send them by 25th of April, 2008. Otherwise, we may not be able to assist you regarding the Visa procedure.

2. Adjudicators, please send your CVs. The deadline of the CV submission has been extended to 25th of April,2008. We need all the CVs to ensure the quality of adjudication in our tournament. The CV form is again attached with this mail. Thanks to all of them who have already mailed their CVs.

3. Please fill your Detail "participant information" form (Institution wise) by 30th of April. We need all the names to prepare our database and tab. The form has been attached with this mail as well.

Thank you. Hope to meet you soon in Bangladesh.
Sinha Humayun
Assistant Chief Adjudicator

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