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14 April 2008

All Asians update

Dear All,
Its only few weeks away from the "15th All Asian Inter-Varsity Debating Championship". We, the OrgCom would like to draw your attention to a number of important issues.

1. As per our extended deadline, the last day of REGULAR registration is 21st April 2008. We understand due to the uncertain nature of international wire transfer we may receive the money after 21st April. However, we must receive the scanned copy of your payment (the document which proves you have made the payment through your bank) by 21st April to consider it as "REGULAR REGISTRATION FEE", otherwhise the teams will have to pay LATE REGISTRATION FEE.
2. If you don't send your payment early enough we will not be able to help you with visa. The idea is to send all the details of the participants to respective Bangladeshi Embassies on 22nd April. The 2nd batch of information will go to the embassies on 29th April but that might be too late. So send in your details by April 21st alongwith the payment.
Please note that we don't have any control over ON-ARRIVAL VISA.
3. If you are coming early, we can book cheap hotels for you. Please let us know your budget. We are also thinking of arranging a mini debate tournament/ training session for those who would come early. Our DCAs and Dr. Snider would be available from May 2nd.
4. Everyday we would provide you breakfast (starting from 8th to 14th) and dinner (starting from 7th to 13th). You may have to buy lunch 4 times. (Like I said million times, compared to other cities Dhaka is famous for cheap labor and food that doesn't cost too much!) Still, we are trying to bring it down to 3. Our food director will soon mail the menus to those who registered.

Please give your feedback.
Looking forward to see you in Dhaka.
Thank you.
Zunaed Rabbani
15th All Asians.

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