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3 April 2008

AIDA Accreditation

Part of what this year's Australian Intervarsity Debating Association (AIDA) Executive undertook to do as part of their responsibilities this year was to examine the AIDA Adjudication Accreditation System and put together some recommendations for its future.

As a part of that process, we are looking for comments from any interested parties, and in particular anyone who falls into the following categories:

- Anyone is currently using AIDA Accreditation
- Anyone who would be interested in future accreditation
- Anyone who would be interested in being involved in a future accreditation process (as an organiser, marker etc)
- Anyone who would like to comment generally on the need for AIDA Accreditation and possible reforms.

Please send any comments, suggestions or expressions of interest to
Tom GoleAIDA President 2007-2008.

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