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11 March 2008

Cork/Galway win Ancients 2008

The Composite team of Stephen Nolan and Nuala Kane (although really both ex-UCG) won the 2008 Glasgow Ancients from 1st opposition in the final

In the final they defeated
1st Gov Diarmuid Early & Doug Cochrane
2nd Gov Art Ward & Kenny Fleming
2nd Opp Brendan Bruen & Derek Doyle

Stephen Nolan was the top ranked speaker.

R1: TTHW introduce a minimum price restriction for the sale of all alcoholic beverages
R2: TTHW legalise incest between consenting siblings of the age of majority
R3: TTH loves the smell of napalm in the morning (Open Motion)
R4: TTHW force pharmaceurtical companies to give full disclosure of clincial trials
R5: TTHB the government should never fund IVF treatment

Semi-Final: TTHW refuse to recognise an independent Kosovo
Final: TTHW restrict access to pro-anorexia websites

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