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24 March 2008

Cambridge win Tilbury house 2008

The Cambridge team of Giles Robertson and Mischa Balen won the 2008 Tilbury house IV.
Mischa Balen was the best speaker in the final. Sharon Kroes was the "most entertaining" in the final. Shane Murray topped the speaker tab.

For more details please see their e-mail or website

On a side issue I see on their website that having made it to but lost the ESL finals at the last Europeans and Worlds they have declared themselves World & European Debating Vice-Champions (ESL). What the hell are "vice champions"? Someone in Tilbury has a promising career in PR or political spin doctoring ahead of them. We didn't lose. We are vice champions.... ;-)

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  1. The Worlds Constitution is clear that, once the winner is selected, the other three teams shall not be ranked by the adjudicators in any way. Shame on Tilbury House.



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