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3 March 2008

Australian Championships

Australian Championships - Pre-Registration for Institutions open

The Australian Championships will this year be hosted over the Anzac long weekend, April 24-28 in the picturesque, post-brutalist architecture of Macquarie University in Sydney. We are welcoming Institutions at this point to pre-register up to ten teams. All important information is contained in the RegistrationInformation.pdf file which is available on the website

The tournament is run in distinctive Australian 3 on 3 style, with teams of 3 speakers affirming and negating the topics in 6-8 minute speeches. There will be six preliminary rounds and a break for the top 16 teams to Octo Finals. This tournament has a strict novice requirement and affirmative action policy, as outlined in the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association Constitution (relevant sections are included in Registration Information document.)

This event is open to teams from all Universities, though the break is restricted to local teams (a position which is decided by Council, not by Constitution.) Those debaters who have expressed interest in attending while at Australs and Worlds are welcome to read the Registration Info, check out our website, or email either James any myself. We'd be happy to accommodate any queries you have, and would love to have new teams in attendance.

Please don't hesitate to email us at You can also call myself on 0410 50 29 80, or James O'Brien on 0439 44 05 29.

We hope to see you at Macquarie in April!

Felicity Wilson & James O'Brien

Convenors - Australian Championships Macquarie 2008

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