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7 February 2008

Tallinn Euros 2008 update

Dear Europe

We are writing to prepare you for some upcoming communication about Tallinn Euros 2008 from members of the organising committee.

All official communication from the organising committee will be posted on the EUDC list, the Tallinn Euros facebook group, the British Debate list and the website.

On Sunday, February 10th, Maarja Teder, our Communications Director, will be sending out information on how to register for Talinn Euros 2008, starting on Monday March 10th 2008. The email will include a Frequently Asked Questions section. If you have a query which is not covered there, you will be able to write to Maarja – she will compile your questions and publish a weekly FAQ to address them.

Keep up to date with progress on our website -

And you can email us at the following address -

We look forward to seeing you all for a fantastic week in Tallinn. Be Estonished!

Best wishes

Helina and Neill

Helina Loor, Convenor
Neill Harvey-Smith, Chief Adjudicator

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