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21 February 2008

Irish Times Final 2008

The Finalists in the 2008 Irish Times are:

1st Prop: UCC Phil. Art Ward and Derek Doyle
1st Opp: UCD Law. Ross McGuire and Marguerite Carter
2nd Prop: TCD Hist. Andrea Mulligan and John Gallagher
2nd Opp: TCD Hist. Chris Kissane and David Kenny
1st Prop Indiv: UCC phil Conor O'Brian
1st Opp Indiv: UCD L&H Stephen Boyle
2nd Prop Indiv: UCC Phil. Ross Frennett
2nd Opp Indiv: IPLS Belfast. Conor Houston

The Final will be held on 29th Feb and the motion is:

"THB that Ireland owes a debt of gratitude to the Catholic Church"
For more info here
(Photo is of pCiaran Denny from last years final and was found on

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