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6 February 2008

Glasgow University Euros Bid 2009 - Adjudiction Update

Dear All

As the Convenor and prospective CA of Glasgow University's bid for the European Debating Championships 2009 we are delighted to be able to make the following announcement.

As our bid has made strong progress in logistical and financial terms (as those of you at this weekend's ESU European Parliament IV and saw our presentation will have no doubt seen) we now feel it is appropriate to take our Adjudication situation to the next level of organisation also.

It is the intention of the Glasgow bid Orgcom that our tournament has the most open and inclusive ethos possible- in short we want all of Europe to tell us what it wants from our bid and their tournament.We want this openness and transparency most especially in our choice ofAdjudication team. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to invite applications for the positions of DCA for the 2009 EuropeanDebating Championships in Glasgow. All those who are interested in applying are invited to reply to this email enclosing the information described below. Completed applications must be emailed to by 6pm(GMT) on Wednesday March 7th 2008. This process will be undertaken very much in the style which was recentlyused by the Cork Worlds 2009 Orgcom.

Please include the following informationin your application:

(a) Name, Email, Telephone Number (including international dialling code)
(b) BP Debating Experience
(c) BP Adjudication Experience
(d) Samples of motions which you have set at internal or external competitions

(e) Other Debating Experience (Convening/Tabbing/Equity/Council etc.)

(f) Other Relevant Experience(g) List of Current/Past Institutions

(h) Academic/Professional/Personal Plans until January 2009 (As best you can predict)

(i) Planned level of involvement with debating until January 2009.

We welcome applications from across the continent and candidates would ideally display, a level of enthusiasm and commitment in keeping with the best spirit of European Debating. We particularly wish to encourage applications from ESL speakers and adjudicators as it is crucial to us that this bid be not just represent Glasgow, but all of Europe.The full adjudication team will be announced by the end of April. We are more than happy to provide prospective applicants with more information about our bid and team should they request it (with the exception of where we are bound by commercial confidentiality to our partner organisations). More information can be found on our facebookgroup at, and shortly our website

We would also welcome feedback and comments on any aspect of the bid. As we said this isn't just for us but all of Europe. So if there is anything you've particularly enjoyed in the past, or want in the future please let us know. As ever thanks for your time and support, we look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Brown

Prospective CA Glasgow Euros 2009

David Tait
Prospective Convenor Glasgow Euros 2009

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