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19 February 2008

EUDC 2008 Tallinn - questions about registration

Dear all,
Below you will find a summary of questions and answers concerning registration to EUDC 2008 Tallinn. I have been asked these questions during the past week and we believe that giving answers publicly will best serve the purposes of efficiency and fairness. This information will also be posted on our website (FAQ's section), our Facebook group and the British Debate list.

I will be posting similar Q&A's every week until registration starts on 10th March 2008, and if need be, also later.

Q: If an institution has several debate communities, are they to register separately?
A: In general terms, a team must represent an institution, not some nebulous idea of a "debate community". The reasons are twofold: 1) it is the European Universities' Debating Championships and 2) it is unfair for an institution to subdivide in a way which enables them to obviate the team cap. In each specific case, eligibility for participation at the EUDC will be determined according to the rules and decisions of Council, in consultation with the Chair of Council.

Q: Are accomodation and food included in the 210EUR fee?
A: Yes, the participation fee covers accommodation and also all meals during the tournament.
Q: What format will debates be?
A: The debates will be in British parliamentary format.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people one institution can send as judges?
A: The number of judges required from one institution is calculated according to the n-1 rule, but there is no upper limit to the amount of judges one institution can send.

Q: Is it necessary to pay for additional judges?
A: All judges and debaters have to pay the participation fee of 210EUR. There are no additional fees.

Maarja Teder


  1. Anonymous9:02 am

    Does this mean Tallinn are taking it on themselves to ban the centuries old Irish societies from taking part at their little competition? Considering that many of these societies have been debating far longer than both “Europeans” and Tallinn have existed and are recognised by Worlds council what right have a bunch of Estonians to unilaterally ban the Irish? If they are looking for a boycott then we will give them one and it will be their loss. The International Mace is the real European championships anyway.

  2. I don't think that is what they are saying. They make it clear that they are going to leave it to the decision of council.

    But whoever wrote the article does have a little dig at institutions with multiple societies without really understanding the issue so that's where your confusion is coming from.


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