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8 February 2008

Amsterdam Open

From Britishdebate

Registration for the Amsterdam Open 2008 has opened (April 25th & 26th). Go to this page: And register!

Here's the quick info:

1. For teams it's 70 euros (35 per person) and for judges it's 20 euros.
2. CA-panel: Daniel Schut, Kirsty Russell and Avihu Tamir
3. We provide crash, and the option to let us book a ho(s)tel for you - but for that you'll have to pay an extra fee.

Do I need to explain why you want to come? I think not - you're already well aware of the following reasons:- We provide an excellent tournament: good motions, well-run schedule, ideallocation, highly professional movies for motions, it's all there!

- We provide Amsterdam. Well, technically the city was there before us. Buthey: this gives you an excellent reason to visit the city where capitalism was invented, and explore both the low and the, ahem, high ends (*get the joke? haha. hahaha. haha. ahem) our culture provides.

- We are easy to travel to, and well-accomodating of all our guests.

You knew all this - what more reasons could you need?

So, sign up ASAP with the registration form provided at our website - and we'll be welcoming you soon!--

Daniƫl Schut

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