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28 January 2008

Trinity IV 2008 Results

The Dean Swift Trinity IV was won by Ross McGuire and Marguerite Carter of UCD Law Society. They defeated King's Inns (Luke Ryder & Brendan Bruen), UCC Philosoph (Ross Frenett & Derek Doyle), and Cambridge (Sam Block & Mhairi Murdoch) in the final on the motion "That This House would legalise duelling to the death". Ross Frenett was best speaker in the final, while he and Will Jones of Oxford were joint best speakers on the tab. The competition was Chief Adjudicated by pCiaran Denny & Michael Clark, and the motions are listed below:

R1: This House would legalise drugs in sport
R2: This House would vote Republican in the US Presidential Election
R3: This House believes if you can pay for school, you should pay for college
R4: This House would invite Mahmoud Ahmedinajad to speak in the GMB
R5: This House would make everyone pass a civics test in order to vote
QF: This House would legalise the distribution of simulated child pornography
SF: This House regrets the creation of the State of Israel
Final: This House would legalise duelling to the death

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped out with the running and organisation of the competition, along with all those who came to judge.

Christopher Kissane
Trinity IV 2008

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