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28 January 2008

Hart House win 2008 North Americans

Finals: Hart House, Uni of Toronto (Jason Rogers & Jon Laxer, Gov) have won the 2008 North American Championships in the final they defeated Harvard (Mark Samburg & Kyle Bean)

Results Summary
(Team member initials used to distinguish teams)
Winners: Hart House RL Finalists: Harvard SB
Semi-finalists: MIT, Hart House SD
Qtr Finalists: Hart House LK, Yale MK, McGill GS, McGill SE
Octo Finalists: Hart House AP, Princeton SS, Yale BR, Amherst LN

Top Speaker: Josh Bone (Yale)
Top Novice: Zayn Siddique (Princeton)
Top Public Speaker: Vinay Kumar Mysore (McGill)

The Break
1 Harvard (Mark Samburg & Kyle Bean)
2 Hart House (Jason Rogers & Jon Laxer)
3 MIT (Dan Greco & Adam Goldstein)
4 Hart House (Nick Shkordoff & Dash)
5 Hart House (Alex Levy & Laura Kusisto)
6 Yale (Grant May & Steve Krieger)
7 McGill (Leon Grek & Padraic Scanlan)
8 McGill (Saro Setrakian & Catherine Evans)
9 Hart House (John Ashbourne & Raj Pattani)
10 Princeton B (Mike Shih & Zayn Siddique)
11 Yale (Josh Bone & Andrew Rohrbach)
12 Amherst A (Lily & Nic)

Final - THB in an obligation to remain plugged in to the violinist.
Semis - Even if it is effective, THB torture is not acceptable.
Quarters - THW not distinguish between the freedom of belief and the freedom of religion.
Octos - THB a just state would be libertarian

Preliminary Rounds:
TH opposes the registration of sex offenders
TH prefers a draft to stop-loss
THW ban Kidnap & Rescue insurance.
TH supports Jury Nullification
THBT holocaust denial is not hate speech. Assuming no racial bias,
THS capital punishment.

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