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21 January 2008

Bangladesh bid for AUDC 09....or do they?

Bangladesh has announced it's intention to bid for Asian University Debating Championships 2009.

However right after I had posted the announcement one of the next articles I came across on my Google Reader was one casting doubt on the bidding process following a meeting during the recent World Championships aimed at exploring the possibility of reuniting the All Asians and AUDC.

AUDC split from All Asians a couple of years ago but as the people involved in that bitter dispute graduate and move on wounds may be healing and the two organisations may try to work together again.

Update: It now appears that while the AUDC are open to the suggestion of "unified Asians" they are still going ahead with accepting bids for 2009. The Chair of AUDC has welcomed Bangladesh "getting the ball rolling" and engouraged other colleges to bid for 2009 AUDC therefore I assume it will be 2010 at the earliest before any reunified tournament is held (if at all). This gives the AUDC and All Asian organisations time to discuss and vote on any proposals.

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