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17 December 2007


As I sit here we are waiting for the computer with the tab to arrive. I went with the debaters on the monorail this morning and the computer went in a car. Unlike yesterday when the roadblocks were outside the city and therefore the city was very quite today there are checkpoints inside the city so while traffic is moving it is very slow.

We have only 2 debates to complete before 5:30 so we are planning to get them done as quickly as possible and then people can go shopping. The break night starts at 10pm tonight.

As you may have noticed I didn't post photos to the blog. I have them on my phone but when I got to the room last night I laid down for 10 minutes and woke up 4 hours later. I'll post them later today. I will also post the break details (after they are anounced).

Sydney are top of the tab with 9 points. Cork and another Sydney team are on 8.

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