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31 December 2007

Worlds 08: Round 7 motion

The Motion for Round 7 is

This House would assassinate Vladimir Putin.

I take it the adjudication team found a cheap supplier of geiger counters before setting that one ;-)



  1. Anonymous9:51 am

    It's strange that everyone worth their salt I've spoken to can look at this topic, and know it's bad, yet it still somehow finds its way to the WUDC... I notice one of the blogs Colms page links to admits to embarassment at such a topic... I just am baffled as to how these topics get through. Is there a problem with the adjudication teams these days or something? Not that anybody will dare to suggest it, in fact I expect to get slammed any second (assuming this is put on the site), but logically what else can the problem be? Have things gotten too political with tournaments?

  2. Hey look! It's another anonymous complaint. Sad. If you get "slammed" It'll be for complaining form behind a cloak. I too think this motion is rubbish, a bad attempt at being cool and contraversial. I can't see anyonbe rushing to show how this motion has any merit. This can happen when you get stuck in a room for hours trying to think of new motions. Ah well.

  3. Anonymous4:23 am

    Actually the initial reason I posted Anonymously here is because you get 3 options for signing in, and I don't use a profile here, and can't be bothered finding my URL. Not that it matters, since the anonymous user name is a) not proven to be less real than others posting here, and b) does nothing to affect the merits of my comment.

    Subsequent remarks demanding my identity and home phone number have done nothing to impress me, or make me doubt the veracity of my arguments. They do leave a certain colour on the level of argument I can expect from you, and I confess I am frankly confused one way or the other how my identity would further this discussion rather than distract from it. I could be Joe Bloggs and it would make as much difference.

    Even ignoring the above, assumedly there is a reason for allowing anonymous posts on a medium where identity is nebulous at best, and on a subject which is decidedly personal for some people involved. If the response expected is a potential personal attack on any comment made which detracts from the adjudication teams actions, can you act surprised when nobody comes forward to do it again? there appears to be an obvious consensus from people I have spoken to that this was an awful topic, but apparently the more honest and brave thing to do would be for people to discuss this behind everyones backs as per usual, instead of throwing it out in the open. If you think the lack of a known handle invalidates my thoughts, just don't reply to them, I'm sure people on a debating message blog are intelligent enough to decide for themselves whether they will pay it heed or not.


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