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30 December 2007

Results from Worlds

I have gone through the various blogs, forums, mailing lists, websites etc to try and get results. The best I can pull together is quite patchy. The points for the individual rounds are seperated by - and the Known total after 3 rounds is contained in ( ).

If a round or total is blank i.e. -- or () then that means the result is not known. This is so in almost all cases. Also I have less than 1/4 of the teams.

I will try to add more as I come across the info. If you can provide any detail please post a comment.

Auckland B-2---()
Auckland C-1---()
Cambridge A-3-3-3-(9)
Cambridge B-2-2-3-()
Cambridge C-2---()
Cambridge D-3-2-0-(5)
Carleton A----(7)
Dublin City University A-2-2-1-(5)
Durham A-2---()
Durham B-1---()
George Washington A-2---()
Glasgow A-3---()
Hart House A-1-3--()
Hart House B-3-3--()
Hart House C-3-3--()
Harvard A-2---()
Harvard B-3-2--()
Harvard C-1---()
Inner Temple A-2-3--()
LaVerne A-2---()
Limerick A-2-3-1-(6)
Loyola A-3---()
London School of Economics A-2-1--()
London School of Economics B-2-0--()
London School of Economics C-2-1--()
Macquarie A----(8)
Macquarie B----(7)
McGill A-3-3--()
Melbourne A-3---()
Melbourne B-1---()
Melbourne C-2---()
Melbourne E-1---()
Middle Temple A-3-1--()
Middle Temple B-1---()
Monash A-3-3-3-(9)
Monash B-3-0-3-(6)
Monash C-3-2--()
Monash D-3-3-1-(7)
Monash E-1-3--()
NUI Galway A-3-1-0-(4)
NUI Galway B----(4)
Oxford A-3-3--()
Oxford B-1-3--()
Oxford C-3-3--()
Oxford D-3-2--()
Oxford E-3-1--()
Princeton A-3---()
Princeton B-3---()
Queensland B-3---()
SMU A----(5)
SMU B----(7)
SMU C----(5)
St Andrews A-3-2-3-(8)
St Andrews B-3-2--()
St Andrews C-2-1--()
Stanford A-3---()
Sydney A-3---()
Sydney B-3---()
Sydney C-3---()
Sydney D-2---()
Sydney E-3---()
TCD Hist A-2-3--()
TCD Hist B-2-3-2-(7)
TCD Phil A-3-2-3-(8)
TCD Phil B-3-2-2-(7)
Cork Law A-2-0-2-(4)
Cork Law B-2-2-2-(6)
Cork Phil A-3-1-3-(7)
Cork Phil B-3-2-3-(8)
UCD L&H A-3-3-0-(6)
UCD L&H B-3-3--()
UCD L&H C-1---()
UCD Law A-3-2--()
UCD Law B-1-3--()
UCD Law C-1-3--()
Victoria A-2---()
Victoria B-3---()
Victoria E--3--()
Yale A-3---()
Yale B-3---()


  1. SMU A---(5)
    SMU B---(7)
    SMU C---(5)

  2. After 6 rounds:
    Vic A - 14
    Vic B - 13
    Vic C - 10
    Vic D - 13
    Vic E - 13
    Auckland A - 15
    ULU - 15
    Oxford A 16
    Cam A 17
    Syd A 14
    Syd C 16
    Monash A - 16

  3. Carleton is on 12 points after 6 rounds.


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