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5 December 2007

Japan 13th JPDU Debate Championship 2007

Japan Parliamentary Debate Union-JPDU Debate Championships 2007

Team results:

1st Prize  ICU J
Tomohisa Ishikawa / Satomi Hemmi
2nd Prize  Tsuda A
Kana Sato / Hiroko Tachibana
3rd Prize  Titech A
Hiroyuki Hirano / Masayoshi Yoshikawa
3rd Prize  ICU B
Toshiaki Ikehara / Nami Maezaki

Quarter Finalists



Round 1: THBT nations engaging in human rights abuses should not host the Olympics.
Round 2: THW support affirmative action for women-only corporations.
Round 3: THW give citizens the right to vote against a candidate in an election.
Round 4: THW prosecute copyright infringers without formal complaints from copyright holders.
Round 5: THBT the WTO should allow the use of safeguards to prevent cruelty toward animals.
Oct Final: THBT permanent members of the UN Security Council should dismantle their nuclear arsenals.
Quarter Final: THW lagalize marijuana for pleasure.
Semi Final: THBT English should be the single official language in the United States.
Grand Final: THBT parents should have the right to choose the sex of their babies.


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