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7 December 2007

Irish championships update

The long sagas that are the unique way Ireland runs its two national championships are still progressing. The Irish Mace has completed it's first rounds and the Irish times are down to its semi finalists.

Motions and the draw for the next rounds should be announced in early January.

And if you think the Irish way of running a championship for a couple of hundred teams over 7 months and with up to 10 teams in a debate in the first round and then a mix of teams and individuals in the later rounds is complicated just remember next year you get to experience it for yourself at World Masters in Cork.

For more info please see here

Irish Mace Semi Finalists
UL Deb Union Oisin and Eamon
UL Deb Union Maurice and Adrian
UCD Law Eoin and Shane
UCD Law Áine and Ian
UCD Law Ross and Maguerite
UCD L&H James and Susan
UCD L&H Eamon and Mark
UCD L&H Conor and Michael
UCD L&H Dave and Michael
UCD L&H Ian and Stephen
UCC Philosoph Luke and Alanna
UCC Philosoph Derek and Tiernan
UCC Law Tadhg and Chris
UCC Law Ger and Marcus
TCD Phil Ruth and Ed
TCD Phil Alex and Dave
TCD Phil Emma and Sinead
TCD Phil Brian and Jonathan
TCD Phil Brendan and Joe
TCD Phil Ciara and Sheila
TCD Hist Daniel and Emma
TCD Hist Anne and Jamie
TCD Hist Joesephine and Shane
NUIG Lit&Deb Ronan and Nuala
NUIG Lit&Deb Dan and Julie
NUIG Lit&Deb Conor and Cornelia
NUIG Lit&Deb Zoe and Áine
King's Inns Elizabeth and Rory
King's Inns Barry and Seán
King's Inns Alison and Dave
King's Inns Luke and Brendan
DCU Deb Soc Ken and Greg

Irish Times Team Semi Finalists:
TCD Hist: Kissane & Kenny
UCD Law: Ó hUigínn & O'Connell
UCC Philosoph: Doyle & Ward
UCC Philosoph: Haverty & Frennet
TCD Hist: Fenlon & Breathnach
UCD L&H: Pigeon & McAndrew
TCD Law: O'Mahony & Thuillier
UCD Law: McGuire & Carter
TCD Phil: Gaffney & Lyden
King's Inns: Bruen & Thuillier
UCC Philosoph: Stanley & Sadlier
UCD Law: Cranley & Martin
TCD Hist: Gallagher & Mulligan
UCD L&H: Kinsella & Mountjoy
TCD Hist: Curry & Farragher
UCD Law: Hartigan & Hastings

Irish Times Individual Semifinalists
NUIG Lit & Deb: Dan Colley
UCD Law: Steven Byrne
NUIG Lit & Deb: James Hope
UCD L&H: Stephen Boyle
UCC Philosoph: Conor O'Brien
TCD Phil: Alex Grey
King's Inns: Luke Ryder
DCU: Greg Bowler
UCC Law: Aengus O'Corráin
TCD Hist: Niall Sherry
TCD Hist: Anne Byrne
King's Inns: Shaun Smith
UCD Law: Ciaran Ahern
TCD Phil: Jonathan Wyse
IPLS Belfast: Conor Houston
SADSI: Brian Harley
TCD Hist Niall Sherry
TCD Hist Anne Byrne
UCD Law Shaun Smith
UCD Law Ciaran Ahern
UCD Law Steven Byrne

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