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1 January 2008

The Draw for the Octo Finals

This is the draw for the Octo Finals:

OK I've discovered the problem. Lazy checking in excel. I had a V-lookup that pulled the teams into their Octo finals. All well and good for the first 7 octos. The 8th octo which was just off the bottom of the screen did not have the v-lookup and was locked with date from Worlds in Dublin. That probably explains why I had the same problem last year when I used the file. Instead of checking all the way down I flicked through a few at the top and saw that it was working and in a rush accepted that. When I glanced at my e-mail last night and saw a flood of complaints I checked what was wrong saw two files (in different directories) one of which looked to be correct (at the top) and one which was last years data and thought that might be the problem. Thankfully I had some doubts so didn't assume that was the issue and so didn't post until today when I found the issue with the v-lookup. See below for what I mean.

I have verified the draw from others posted on boards and e-mails and it lines up.

I will delete the old file and my apologies for any confusion caused.
(fingers crossed as I click on Publish post)


  1. Hi there Colm. Thanks for getting the breaking teams and draw to us so promptly and happy New Year to you.

    Excuse my New Zealand bias but shouldn't the number 7 team in that last Octofinal be Auckland A not McGil B?

    Thanks for all the news..

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    and Cork Phil is in the draw but not the break?

  3. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Oops, I commented on the wrong post. Colm's diagram is lovely, but it's the Dublin break; I was IN that last octo listed, and there's no Hart House D at World's this year.



  4. NOTE: There are several problems in this chart. Sydney A doesn't appear. They should be where HH D is. Cambridge B appears twice. I think there may be other problems too.

  5. Anonymous10:03 pm

    It seems as though everything is right except for octo-final 8.

  6. Anonymous12:51 am

    This may be closer to the real break.

    Oxford A Lewis Iwu / Samir
    Oxford D Lewis Turner / Kitson
    Middle A
    L & H B Susan / Ross

    Cambridge A Sam / Adam
    Hart House B
    St Andrews A Doug / Connie
    Melbourne C Nic / Kinsey

    Queensland E
    Oxford B James / Alex
    Queensland A Tom / Julian
    Oxford E Neil / Shengwu

    Yale A Josh / Andrew
    UCD L & H A
    Victoria A Chris / Gigi
    Queensland B Alice / Charlie

    Sydney B
    Hart House C
    Yale E
    Brandeis B

    Sydney D
    Cambridge B Mhairi / Daniel
    Sydney E
    Duke A

    Auckland A Jordan / James
    Sydney A Dom / Chris
    Macquarie A
    Victoria E

    Sydney C Brad / Naomi
    Monash A Tim / Fi
    Monash B Sashi / Victor
    Yale C

  7. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Thanks Colm. We do appreciate your site and hard work (even if we complain more than we paise). Have a Happy 2008

  8. Yes Colm, thanks for such a fabulous site - and for reposting the draw.


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