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7 December 2007

Cork IV results

Winners: UCD L&H (Susan Connolly & Ross Kelly)
Novice Winners: St Andrews (Claire Murran & James Beadle)
Best Speaker on Tab: Will Jones
Best Speaker in the Final: Ross Kelly

Round 1: TTHW not allow people to sue for those who attempt a “Good Samaritan” rescue
Round 2: TTHW Invade Zimababwe
Round 3: TTHW not punish domestic persons who bribe officials abroad
Round 4: TTHW conduct medical experiments on prisoners
Round 5: TTHW allow people to contract out of health and safety conditions

Novice Final: TTHW allow children to sue mothers for maltreatment during pregnancy
Semi: TTHBT the State should have no role in marriage
Final: TTHW allow judges to order the branding of criminals.
Final Option 1: TTHW allow torture to animals, no matter how cute, for entertainment.
Final Option 2: TTHBT rich countries should not give money to poor countries

More info plus the tab can be found here

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