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8 November 2007

WUDC 2010 by Koç

Fellow debaters,
We are delighted to announce that Koç University Debate Club will be bidding to host the World Universities Debating Championships 2010. After building up a tradition of hosting excellent events, culminating in our hosting of the largest ever European Championships in August 2007, we have decided that we are now ready and able to take on the massive challenge that hosting Worlds has become.

Worlds has not come to Eastern Europe this century and we believe that a Worlds hosted in Turkey would open up debating at the highest level to many new universities just as it has admirably done in Asia. We will be bidding to host Worlds in Antalya, based out of a 5-star resort and have already secured substantial institutional and corporate support.

Our Chief Adjudicator will be Can Okar, CA of Europeans in 2007, top ten speaker and semi-finalist at Worlds as well as former European Champion. Mehmet Fatih Inal and Suleyman Onay, two of the driving forces behind the OrgComm of Euros, will be our Co-Convenors, and a large portion of the OrgComm that worked on Euros will be part of the club in two years. We had over 100 volunteers at Euros and believe that the passion and hospitality we can offer Worlds will be unmatchable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our website is now online and can be found at It has all of our contact details as well as further information and videos. You can also join our Facebook group for updates as well as to show us a bit of support! Lastly, if you need references, speak to anyone who has been to join us in past years and ask them what they think...

We look forward to meeting you all in Thailand and would like to take this opportunity to wish both Botswana and Singapore the best of luck in their bids. It is an exciting time for global debating when there are so many universities jostling to host Worlds.

Koç University Debate Club

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