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13 November 2007

Cambridge win Oxford IV

Cambridge A (Block and Bott) won the 2007 Oxford IV from 2nd Opp.

In the final they defeated:
1st Prop: UCD
1st Opp: Victoria-Wellington
2nd Prop: Harvard B

Rd 1. TTHW Criminalise Gang Membership
Rd 2. TTHW allow nations without states a seat at the UN.
Rd 3. TTHW permit religious courts to rule on family law in the UK.
Rd 4. TTHBT every citizen deserves a universal basic income beyond their basic needs; regardless of whether they have ever worked, are looking for work or will ever work.
Rd 5. TTHW channel all development aid for Africa through the African Union.

Qtr-finals: parenting licences.
Semi-finals: TTHBT the US should match its military aid to Israel with an equal amount of humanitarian aid to Fatah.
Final: TTHWBT the state should pay a wage to house-wives and house-husbands.

Source: UCC Phil board

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