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8 November 2007

10 Days To Registration Close And 10 Reasons To Come To CIMB WUPID

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Oh dear me, is it that time already? Yes. The registration for participation at the inaugural CIMB WUPID is about to close in another 10 days. There are still some slots available and here are 10 reasons why you should act now:

1. There is no registration fee. That means you get to stay at Novotel (a brand new 4-star hotel in KL), food throughout the event and passes to the coolest socials ever for no fee whatsoever. Just confirm to us that you’re coming and sign in on the first day.

2. Loads of money to be won. A whooping MYR10, 000-00 for the champions, MYR5, 000-00 for first runner-up, and MYR3, 000-00 for the second runner-up. All finalists will also receive a pewter trophy courtesy of Royal Selangor.

3. To be able to debate among the best debating institutions in the planet – I’m not kidding at all. The universities that are coming are Sydney, Oxford, Cambridge, Hart House, Monash and loads, loads more.

4. To be adjudicated by demigods of debating. The adjudication core are not people, they’re demigods of debating. They have devoted much of their entire life to debating and have been vested the power of skilled adjudication by the Debate God. The Justice League: Dr. Omar Salahuddin, Dr. Alfred Snider, Mr. Colm Flynn, Assoc. Prof. Piyanart Faktorngpan and Mr. Neill Harvey Smith.

5. To be crowned champion or best overall speaker at the first ever WUPID – an event that the organizer plans to host annually.

6. To take part in a tournament that would be a perfect training stint and preparation for the Assumption Worlds; this would be in a week time.

7. To experience the city of Kuala Lumpur and the warmth of its people – most of the venues are within a walking distance. The ones that are not will be accessible by the monorail which each participant will be given a MYR20-00 stored value ticket.

8. To be world famous – where did that come about? Well, H&G’s strength is its marketing. Unlike other tournaments that are hosted by different organizations, WUPID is a property of H&G; hence an event that will be continuously marketed and promoted throughout the whole year via selected marketing channels. This is a necessary effort as, unlike other tournaments again, WUPID existence is not derived from attendance/registration fee but purely on sponsorship.

9. To be a part of a noble and ongoing initiative. CIMB WUPID is a tournament that objective is to gather future leaders and policy makers; and nurture the seed of tolerance, respect and togetherness. It is not a mere tournament but a platform for debaters to contribute and be more active in the pursuit of peace. To ensure this, H&G (organizer) are working closely with IDEA and Peace Malaysia to start off a micro-site dedicated to the discussion and dialogue of peace among debaters.

10. To help WUPID’s continuity and maturity. The success of the inaugural event is pivotal to its continuity. Talks are already underway to bring this event to London in 2008 and closer to Cork Worlds. With a huge success in terms of participation from many different renowned universities, we would once again be able to have another WUPID and hopefully, all the benefits above. Or perhaps more.

Come to CIMB WUPID and benefit from all the reasons above. They might not all be tangible benefits and might not all be a direct benefit to you, but it’ll downright make you feel proud. Act now!

Managing Director
H&G Strategic Communications

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