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9 October 2007

Tabbie Update

We've just released Tabbie version 1.3. This is pretty much the version as it's going to be used at the Worlds in Bangkok and also coming weekend at the Haifa Nightly Tournament (we trust that Tabbie is now stable enough to be operated by drunks)

New in this version:

Adjudicator Allocation has been completely redone. It takes into account the following:

  • University - Adjudicator conflicts ('scratches'),
  • Team - Adjudicator conflicts ('scratches'),
  • Better adjudicators should be chairs
  • Better debates get better panels
  • Adjudicators should avoid previous co-panellists
  • Adjudicators should avoid previous adjudicated teams

Overview page made more clear - only currently possible options are shown


  • Removed big "Tabbie" header to clear up some space
  • Personalized Adjudicator Sheets in smaller font for longer names
  • Removed confusing "settings" option


  • Removed the website from the codebase to separate host
  • GPL Licence header added to all code files

General Tabbie Information:

Online demos:


What is Tabbie?

Tabbie is Tab Software for British Parliamentary Debating Tournaments. It calculates the fairest possible draw for you, based on the official WUDC rules. It has an easy to use Web Interface, allowing input from multiple computers. Tabbie is very stable - it's been around since the NTU Worlds 2004 and is the software of choice for Bangkok Worlds 2008. Tabbie is Free (Open Source) Software.

Klaas Van Schelven

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