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23 October 2007

Hart House BP IV

Top Team: McGill - Adam Gaya and Saro Setrakian

Queen's - Robert Embree and Sarah Sahagian
McGill - Laura Berman and Sophie MacIntyre
Brandeis - Evan Green-Lowe and Mark Samburg

McGill - Leon Grek and Vinay Kumar Mysore
Yale - Dave Kasten and Erin Miller
Harvard - Lewis Bollard and Ben Belser
Queen's - Lisa Jorgensen and Anisah Hassan

(Tied at 8th with Shkordoff) - Carleton - Daniel Westlake and Andrew Lawerence

Top Speaker: McGill - Leon Grek
2nd: Yale - Dave Kasten
3rd: McGill - Vinay Kumar Mysore
4th: Brandeis - Mark Samburg
5th: Yale - Erin Miller
6th: Queen's - Lisa Jorgensen
7th: Queen's - Robert Embree
8th: McGill - Saro Setrakian
9th: Harvard - Lewis Bollard
10th: Yale - Haley Nix

Top Novice Team: Queen's - Brian Maxwell and Xander Sculthorpe

Top Novice Speaker: McGill - Sean Stefanik

Top Public Speaker: McGill - Leon Grek

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