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7 September 2007

WUDC 2008 Team Cap Increase

Hi friends!
WUDC 2008 Adj Core has decided to increase the team cap to the following:

(1)Max Team Per Institutions: 5 teams
(2)Maximum Teams for Tournament:360 teams
(3)There is no limit on the number of adjudicators an institution sends. You can cross the N+2 limit we set for the registration phase. But we have capacity for 400 adjudicators for the tournament.

As of this morning the number of teams paid and registered is around 240 from 130 institutions. Adjudicators is around 240 also. I will be updating these numbers and give you exact figures every other day.

Registration system will be opening very shortly. We are giving the delegation a few days to prepare arrangements. We will open the system and start accepting payments. Registration is as always First Come First Serve basis. I am expecting the system should be updated and open by September 10. Moment theteam cap of 360 is reached the system will be shut down and we will no longeraccept payments. There will be a regular team paid update on the forums andegroups. Do email us for any inquiries and we will reply promptly. Those of you who have transfered funds and received no confirmation as of yet, please share with us all your information and please do let us know before anything which institution you are from.


To keep things under control and to properly secure your slots you must follow the guidelines below to secure your extra slots.

(A) You MUST register your extra slots first! You do not have to put the delegate details but I must know exactly, how many teams you will send and adjudicators. This information has to be on the online system.

(B) Each institution representative must email and inform me and Rish they have added the slots and give me details of your registration request. Do not worry, we will not more than one working day to respond to your request.

(C) I will then accept/reject your request, THEN ONLY PROCEED WITH PAYMENTS! IF YOU PAY BEFORE YOU REGISTER and without my official confirmation, your money will not be refunded. I am warning all of you now.

When you transfer the money, please make it way beyond doubt which institution you are from please. If someone besides the registered institution representative has happen to wire transfer the money, please include a "TRANSFER MESSEGE"indicating your institution. I have had a very bad time tracking down money. It is to your benefit to make things easier for us to confirm your payments so we can confirm your slots.

The system should be open again by Monday. Just log in and then register just as you did before. The number of teams option will increase to 5 and you can add your teams and delegate information. You will be able to add as many adjudicators as you wish. Your new invoice will be generated and you will see your balance. I repeat, do not transfer any payments if you have not received a confirmation from me or Rish. We have to keep a close tab on the number of participants. Things are at a very critical stage as of now and we wish to make sure every body gets a fair chance to register and those who paid on time and registered on time should be guaranteed a slot. Remember, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. I know who registered first because all of your registering details all have been time stamped. Modification to your details etc.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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