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19 September 2007

Worlds MINI and South-East Asians 2007 Registration

Dear all,
The Brand New Website for Bangladesh Open 2007, Worlds MINI 2007 and South-East Asians 2007 Debating Championship is launched recently with the online registration system. The website is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer with flash player installed in your PC.
The website can be viewed at

Each Institution can register 4 teams max with n-1 rule applied for adjudicator registration. Last date for the online registration is October 25, 2007. The organizing committee has decided to increase the total team cap up to 100 to accommodate as many as international teams.

The website will be updated regularly by the organizers.

Contact email:

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  1. Anonymous4:30 pm

    With that many CAs and DCAs who is in charge?


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