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10 September 2007

Training & Tips

Just to let you know that over the next few days I'm going to drip feed the various training and tips handouts into the blog. I'm doing this because I've noticed that a number of people are clicking on the label "Training" and going through all the posts there. I'm going to keep the originals on the main server (as linked on the left). However to "complete" the training section on the blog I'm going to put put the articles in as posts. It also allows us to post links to any good training articles I, or any of the contributors, come across during our day. Also having a bigger and more regular tips and advice section can't hurt our chances of progressing further in the blog awards when they come up again this year.

However there are quite a few potential posts and this is where the problem comes in . I can date them in the past to stop them jumping onto the front page and pushing everything else down. However anyone accessing this site through rss or e-mail would get a large number of posts in one go. Therefore I'm going to feed them in gradually so that it appears as a more integral element in the blog.

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  1. Alfred Snider10:44 pm

    Please drip and dribble away. As someone who is really trying to promot BP in a new league in the northeast USA I can use all th stuf you think worthy.


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