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22 September 2007

Tips: One page Summary

This is a one page summary of the previous tips posts. It's also known as "I don't have time to read all that ****!!!!!!! What do I do?"

The Basics

  • 7 Min Speech use all of it but not longer than 7:30

  • 1st & last min no Points of information allowed

  • Accept 2-3 POI no more.

  • Stay in the debate. Offer lots of POI but at the same time don't overdo it.

  • No props, No bad language, No abusive behaviour
Be Prepared
Have a broad general knowledge of events issues (watch the news, read the paper) etc. If possible gather a "case book" of knowledge (must be on paper as the Worlds don't allow electronic aids). You can also prepare 3 or 4 cases in detail for when you are defining “Open” motions at IVs (not Worlds).

Have an argument.
Don’t base your case on loads of facts and try to work towards an argument. Think of the argument/Core-team-line first, then 3 main points to back it up and then the facts to back those up. This will help give more structure to your speech particularly if you are just starting out in Debating.

Analyse yourself & others
This is one way to give structure to a government speech. It is also a highly effective method for the opposition to look at the Government case and say it falls down for any of the above four reasons.

Gov Case (4 Steps)
Problem: There is a problem
Cause: This is the Cause
Solution: Here is our solution
Effect: And this is it's effect

Opp Case (Pick one & Attack)

Problem: The problem doesn't exist

Cause: That's not the right cause

Solution: The Solution isn't workable

Effect: It won't have those effects

Know your role
4 team debate, 2 people in each team, 2 teams on each side
1st Gov: Define & Outline
1st Opp: Rebut, Alternative, (Re-Define)
2nd Gov: Defend, Explain & Rebut
2nd Opp: Rebut & Defend
3rd Gov: Backup, Extend, & Rebut
3rd Opp: Rebut, Backup &
4th Gov: Explain, Sum up & Rebut
4th Opp: Rebut, Rebut, sum up

Enjoy yourself !

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