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3 September 2007

Korea KIDA National Debating Championship 2007

Dear all,

The organizing committee of the KIDA National Debating Championship 2007 has several important notices.

1. Date : September 7th (Fri) to 9th (Sun)
2. Venue: Kyunghee University (Seoul Campus) at Heogi Station(1호선회기역)
3. Registration
A. Date : 8. 20 ~ 31(We advise you to register no later than the 31 of August)
B. The total teamcap is currently 60 teams.
C. The team cap per institution is 5 (institutions may submit a waiting-list)
D. An institution is required to register at least n-1 adjudicators
E. Waitlisted teams may be approved and registered after the registration process, if there is team cap left.
F. Registration feefor each individual (both debater and adjudicator) is 10,000 won.
G. The representative of each institution may send the fees for all of its members to: 22516837902001.
H. The fees may be sent individually. However, please note that it is much easier for us to accept fees per institution.
I. Please use our registration form and send it to

The tentative schedule will be announced inthe cy-world café as soon as possible. Please direct all inquiries and questions about the 07 KNC to (convenor)
Or preferably 010 6449 2005 (convenor) 010 2795 3638 (Chief Adjudicator)

Independent Judges for the tournament.
Please hurry and register now. You can contact Juho Kim (Convener) for that matter at 010-6449-2005.

Sophie J. Lee
Chief Adjudicator
President of Debate Association of Ewha
Ewha Woman's University
Seoul, Republic of Korea


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