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4 September 2007

Confirmed institutions FOR WUDC 2008

Dear All,
The institutions/ people have their slots reserved according to registered teams online can be found here. If you are not on this list and have paid. Please do email me directly and please send me enough details so I can confirm your payment . A lot of you have sent me money without sending me any information about which institution you are from. The partial payments has gotten very confusing also. All of you that are sending individually as partial payments indicate to me your institution. So please do make things easier for me so I can confirm your payments. There are a lot of people/institutions I yet have to confirm. The website will be updated fully in one weeks time regarding all payments. Please do be patient with me. Please email me or us at or

The decision to increase the team cap should be announced within this week. Hopefully by 5th night. The sooner we can clear the current payments the sooner the adjudication core can come to a decision.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    I do not understand why the universities in the Caribbean have all been excluded from the WUDC 2008. We were jerked around about waiting to hear from the organizers before we could pay. In spite of several efforts we heard nothing. Then we hear that the cap has been reached and we cannot enter.

    I see this as a blatant act of discrimination.

    If we are not a part of your system, tell us and let us go our way.

    LeRoy McClean

    University of the West Indies
    Cave Hill Campus

  2. LeRoy,
    The organisers have accommodated 400 teams and have published details on how to register on several mailing lists and websites. I can't recall a championships that have been so pro-active in communication about registration nor can I recall a championships expanding to 400 to accommodate the huge demand.

    Teams from all regions are always welcome at Worlds. As you well know from past experience this applies to Caribbean as much as to every other region. Caribbean teams have added greatly to worlds and it is a pity that they will not be at Worlds but if you followed the detailed instructions and deadlines issues by Thailand you would going to worlds. You had plenty of notice and lots of detail on how to register. 400 teams managed to do it properly.

    I think your allegation of discrimination is totally uncalled for and unproven. I have noticed a growing trend among debaters to reach for the easy accusation of discrimination when they feel hard done by.

    If you wish to make a reasoned argument on why you believe you have been incorrectly excluded then e-mail me and I will pass it on to the organizers. If you want to make baseless angry allegations then I would urge you to count to 10 before submitting the comment.



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