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13 August 2007

Worlds MINI and South-East Asians 2007 Announcements

Dear all,

After a decade later debating community of Bangladesh for the first time has taken a massive initiative to arrange The Biggest Global Debating Championship in Bangladesh which will be organized by Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC and will be hosted by one of the Best Debating University of Bangladesh; Islamic University of Technology-IUT. Before Thailand Assumtion Worlds 2008; all the international teams will get the chance to refill their debating preparation in World MINI 2007 which is shaped to help the 28th WUDC preparation. The IUT 1st Bangladesh Open 2007 will also decide the South-East Asian Intervarsity Debating Title 2007 where teams from South-East Asian Universities will battle for this crown.

We are looking for the most experienced Worlds, Australs and Asian DCA's, Best Debaters of these championships and the most experience Debate Coaches who are world wide recognized for their contribution for the CA External and the DCA of this Championships. I will be the Chief Adjudicator and there will be another External Chief Adjudicator with six international DCA's to run the Worlds MINI and South-East Asians 2007 Championships.

We are also working with the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Muhammad Unis of Bangladesh for International Youth Micro Credit Summit 2007 and other internationally respected Micro Credit specialist for conducting this summit which is specially arrange for the participating teams of Bangladesh Open 2007. All the participant of this championship will be a valued part of this Summit during the Worlds MINI 2007.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    isnt Bangladesh a part of South Asia?


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