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8 August 2007

India L.N. Birla Memorial Debate 2007 Updates

Dear all,

After running the show for 13 years, L.N. Birla Memorial Debate Championships has become the Best Individual Debating Contest for Schools and the University Students of India. Like Verbattle Debate Contest, this National Debating Championships offers 12 regional selection contests for selecting the Grand Finalist. After finishing five regional selections the Championship moves to Hyderabad today. 1000 students are expected to compete the regional debate in Hyderabad for the Final Selection.

Latest Championship Vanue: August 8, 2007
The 8th Inter-Institutional L.N. Birla national debate, Bhaskara Auditorium Hidarabad , B.M. Birla Science Centre Today at 10 a.m.


The L.N.Birla Memorial Debate was instituted in 1994 to commemorate the memory of this great educator and liberal thinker. From 1994 to 1999 it continued as an annual inter-school competition in which senior schools of Calcutta took part with enthusiasm and vigour. The success of the debate in Calcutta, the keenness of the participants, the response of the house, the penetration of the arguments, prompted the school to rename the debate and recast it in a new mould that would make it a national event, including colleges as well as schools in the ambit.

The Inter Instituitional L.N.Birla National Debate

The Inter Instituitional L.N.Birla National Debate was thus born in the new millennium and it gave voice to the bold and brave youth of our country. Regional Competitions were held in eight cities, namely Calcutta, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune and Mumbai from July to September 2004 and the winners were invited to Calcutta for the National Finals in December 2004. At the National Finals every year will be those who are adjudged the Best Speaker in their city respectively from the participating schools and the participating colleges

Championship Year 2007: Region Date Day Topic

Hyderabad 8th August
Medical care in India is a privilege not a right

Coimbatore 17th August
It is more important to be intelligent than beautiful

Bangalore 20th August
Computers will replace teachers

Chennai 22nd August
The spirit of the Olympics today is commerce not sport

North Zone (Delhi) 30th August
Educators in India have very little to do with education

West Zone
To be finalised Feminism is the new chauvinism

National Finals 23rd November (Tentative)
Nationalism is Fundamentalism
Source: Birla Institute India Web

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    does anybody have any information regarding which team was adjudged the best for north zone prelims??


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